Is That It?




Rhonda Parrish




They kissed hungrily and their clothing fell from them like rain.  The ocean lapped at the beach, tasting of it as they tasted of one another, tongues dancing, bodies arching and burning with desire.


They rolled, laughing, eventually coming to rest with him atop her, nestled between her thighs.  Looking deep into one another’s eyes, they whispered eternally magical words.



“I love you.”

“I love you too”


He entered her, resting his weight upon one elbow and stroking her cheek with his other hand.  She gazed into his loving face; her own filled with wonder and asked.


“Is that it?”





RHONDA PARRISH doesn't much like writing her biography, which is funny because she loves writing just about anything else.  She lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her wonderful husband, exceptional daughter and their zoo and writes every chance she gets.  She's appeared on Shine before. Visit her work here and here.

MOTIVATION: Rhonda was inspired to write this piece based on a prompt from:

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