Hi, I'm Felina, welcome to my Jellicle World! I hope you have fun looking around!!

There's so much to look at and do here - I've tried to put on everything you'd ever want to know about CATS the Musical!


4th November: Wow, sorry for the lack of updates! I've been EXTREMELY busy with school and other activities and haven't found time to even check my emails, let alone work on FJW!! Hopefully over the Christmas holidays some more updates will be on the way. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy 19th, and also thanks to all of you who keep visiting and contibuting!! Love to you all!!

3rd September: Woohoo, updates!! Added Elcrea's beautiful Jemima costume to Costuming and some new makeup by me and Cooking Spray to Make Up. Also fixed a mistake which must have been in my photo gallery since day 1: "Asparagus is played by Rosemarie Ford" now correctly reads "Bombalurina is played by Rosemarie Ford", thank you to Callisto for pointing that one out!

2nd August: More updates to Fan Art page, added Emily's work which got lost in the change over. And updated Mistakes in the Video, thanks Becca! Unfortunately Awards have suffered a disaster...the computer where my templates were stored has died - and I mean -really- died - so they're all gone. :( Until I find myself a copy of Photoshop I can't make any more, so please be patient if you applied!! Sorry!!
Also, a big thank you to everyone for voting me back up a spot in the Golden Jellicles! *cat-shaped cookies for all*

6th July: Finished updating the Fan Art page. Check out the new stuff!! Unfortunately some of the work that was displayed has been lost - I really don't know what happened to those images, and I don't have much time to search my database at the moment. If your artwork used to be displayed there and isn't anymore, please drop me a line and I'll do my best to find it!
Also, my ranking is slipping in the Golden Jellicles! I'm now down from 1st to 3rd...we can't allow this!! ^_~ Please use the dancing-cats button at the bottom of each page to vote for me!

26th June: Woooot for first updates!!!! While randomly browsing my site, I stumbled across an empty page which, to my shame and embarrassment, promised to be completed "REALLY REALLY SOON! LIKE, TOMORROW!"
Unfortunately, this must have been over a year ago *headdesk* Completely forgot that page ever existed. One problem with having a site with over 150 pages! XD
So, without further ado I wrote my article on Why Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer are twins, not mates!
Also updated is the Who Mates With Who page in the FAQ, and some more names have been added to the Jellicle Name Generator thanks to The Hidden Paw. Have fun! =^-^=

24th June: Hi everyone, long time no see!!! Good news for FJW - I've finished my job in the UK and am flying back to NZ on Friday to travel, find a flat and start at college!!! This means...I have internet access again, which in turn means UPDATES FOR THE JELLICLE WORLD!!!! =^-^= Not just yet as I am very busy packing and re-packing to get down to the baggage weight allowance...but SOON!

24th January 08: Updated the Graphics page with some new wallpapers by Narchimi. More to come soon!!

16th December: Announcement to all visitors of FJW: I've just graduated from high school and am going overseas for a gap year, where I'll work in England as an outdoor education instructor! I leave tomorrow (17th) on a big airplane (excited!!!!!) with my mum and sister to spend Christmas with relatives. What this means is...probably no, or limited, internet access for quite a long time. This site will remain up and running but there'll be no regular updates, and I'll also be closing all submissions - this includes the awards, fan art, photos and random info for the pages. If you do decide to email me, I will try to reply but don't expect an answer right away!! I'm very excited about going to see the Cats UK Tour in England and maybe even having snow at Christmas!! I'll definetely be keeping on with this site when I get time again, so don't despair ^_~ Love to everyone, Happy Christmas and Chanukkah, see you all on the other side of the world!!!

14th December: BREAKING NEWS! At the new page, Who Is Helen Massie? you can finally find out about the voice behind Jemima in the Cats video, thanks to cyber-sleuth Felina! Learn about the 10-year-long mystery (if you hadn't already come across it for yourself) and read how it was solved!

29th November: Seems like the ads have gone for a while! I think they come on for a certain period of time each month. In other news, I've just added a chat room!! =^-^= I hope everyone has fun chatting to like-minded crazed CATS fans!!!

23rd November: Uh-oh.....it seems Freewebs has caught onto the fact that my site has somehow avoided having the generic free webspace ads on it. They've put some ads at the bottom of my page which I cannot get rid of unless I buy some ad-free space. I don't have the money to pay for this myself, so I'm looking into setting up a paypal system. Until then sorry for the inconvenience!!

19th November: More updates to the Actor Photos, thanks to Katja for the new pics and information!!

15th November: Thanks everyone for the great response to the Shoutbox poll! According to the majority of wishes I've added a lovely new Shoutbox at the bottom of this page. Have fun! =^-^=

10th November: Added a new page, Award Winners which lets you see the sites that have won my awards! Also, further down is a poll asking whether I should add a Shoutbox to the home page. I've had a few requests for one and although I don't really like them because of the spam problem, I will add one if enough people would like it ^_^ so please vote!

9th November:New page, Kitten Costumes where you can see photos of little kids in Cats costumes. They're so cute!! Thanks to all the contributions ^_^

7th October: As you can see, the new updates scrollbar is up!! Yay!! I've also updated the Cast Lists (thanks Divinica), the Things to Watch (thanks Emily) and the Actor Photos (thanks Katja).
In other news, my ranking in the Golden Jellicles has slipped to 4th...*is sad* if you want to vote for me, click on the bouncy-kitty button at the bottom of my pages. ^^

22nd September: Updated the Roleplay Links page, and got a lovely banner from Eri!! I've also decided to get a scrollbar for my updates so you can look back and see them if you haven't visited in a while. Just need to figure out the code...*studystudy*

15th September: Yes, today is Felina's Jellicle World's 3rd birthday!! *dances* To celebrate I made a whole new page, Kids Costuming! Also updated the Fan Art and the E-cards!

9th September: Updated the Swedish gallery and the links page

10th August: Yay, updates!! *cheers* We have new Fan Art, new photos from Holland and Germany in the Stage Productions Galleries and more pics of Video actors/actresses in stage productions, including Veerle Casteleyn, Jo Bingham and Jacob Brent. Go see!! =^-^= *chases you off to the galleries*

~ A*N*N*O*U*N*C*E*M*E*N*T ~
Got the new pages links onto the toolbar in some pages! Still not completed, so if you see something in the toolbar on one page and it's not it on the next, come back to the HOME page to find it.

Who is Helen Massie? - Find out about the voice behind Jemima
Award Winners - See the sites that have won my awards
Kitten Costumes - Little kids make adorable kittens!! Pictures here


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