Gorehounds Unite!

The More Blood The Better

The Creek Overview:

On the fifth anniversary of the death of their friend Billy, six friends are forced back together by his ghost. Billyís death was officially considered an accident but old suspicions and conflicts return. When people start dying they all must ask themselves if itís his ghost, one of them, or because they returned to The Creek?


 The first time I heard about this film I was told that it was a low budget film done the way a low budget film should be done.....And for the right reasons. As soon as I got the film I noticed they had gone the extra mile for promotion and packaging. If they were willing to put this much love into all of that stuff they had to have put the same care in making the film....right?

 My answer on this would have to be, Im proud to announce, YES! Now this doesnt always mean that the movies gonna be any good and alot of times the love for a project can choke the project to death by spending too much time on it.

 Once again Im happy to say this didnt happen here.....In fact I think they did what they set out to do which in itself is quite the accomplishment!  SO by now your asking is the film any good?



 Now well actually discuss the film, It is a review after all right! As far as the film goes it starts with a bunch of friends at a campsite having fun and partying it up. At this camp out one of the friends is hit in the head with a rock by someone off screen and killed. The murder gets listed as an accident so we flash forward 5 years and all the ex-friends are drawn back together after each one sees the ghost of their dead friend.  And from there they all decide to go back to the scene of the "accident" on the 5th year anniversary. This is where Ill leave off so I dont spoil anything.

 Well start with the look of the movie....this by no means looks like an indie film but more like a bigger budgeted direct to DVD release. Most of this is because the director (Erik Soulliard) has mastered the use of the camera and has a great eye for framing and getting a good shot. He keeps it really interesting throughout with some cool camera angles such as shooting through the open hood of a car down through the engine compartment to the character below(the director himself)!

 This brings me to the acting.....usually as a rule I try to tell all indie filmmakers the biggest mistake they could make is casting themselves or friends in a role. But heres the thing (while not A-list) hes a pretty darn capable actor. As far as the rest of the cast for the most part are pretty wooden actors (they have acting skills just really undeveloped). This is actually a good thing and may have been on purpose as it gives a really campy feel to the film and is reason for some of the films best comedic moments! The actor that is one of the best Ive ever seen in an independent film is
Kathryn Merry as "Angel"....I was amazed at the level of acting she put on the screen! I will go as far as to say she will be in high demand in the near future.....I could even see her gaining quite a following! In my eyes (and I really hope so) Kathryn Merry is the newest breed of Scream Queen, She can act, shes quite beautiful, and she has a screen presence like no other!



As far as the story goes its solid but the twist ending was  one that I saw coming from a mile away....although this didnt hurt the movie at all I would have prefered to see a few more things thrown in to knock you off track. The locations used in the film were perfect and the fact that the director shot mostly at night is another commendable achievment as its quite hard to do on a low budget film.

 I do want to touch on the effects as well.....they were really really good for such a low budget film....the ghost was convincing and looked spooky throughout. The kills were bloody and looked really good in close-ups of the wounds, Only thing I want to suggest in the future is make the kills more real as far as what would kill us....like the wound to the abdomen of one of the characters....it isnt a kill shot as we wouldnt die from a hit there. But still kudos on the effects.

 All in all though I can happily say I really enjoyed viewing this film and I think most of you out there will as well. Its a fun campy romp that doesnt take itself too seriously. Get some buddies together and grab a 12 pack and some snacks and get ready to have a blast watching this Fun and Campy thrill ride!


 Visit them at their Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/annubisproductions

 Or the official website:  http://www.thecreekmovie.com/




 3 out of 5 Severed Heads