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Meeting Purposes: As with any collaboration, the goal for this forum will be to learn from each other. We will not be a software focused group, (we aren't trying to sell software), but rather a solution focused team. This won't be a training session necessarily, but a learning experience through a series of discussions and demonstrations from and by the local A/E teams. There will be an outline for group discussion, but as we dig deeper into BIM and it's interworkings we won't be rigid if the group needs to sort through something. Every month I will post an overview of topics for discussion that are either emailed to me or are shown in the website forums and although I will mediate the meetings, I don't claim to know everything there is to know about Revit. However I will be proactive in researching and learning about the topics beforehand.  

Next BIM Collaborative Meeting

   The November 20th is CANCELLED. There will be no December meeting.

     As always, beer and snacks on hand

Topics for discussion: TBD

     And as always we keep the last portion of the meeting open, so bring questions and hopefully we'll put together some answers. 

* All future meetings will be held on the last Thursday of the month.