Pauline Ramsey

My name is Pauline Ramsey and I've been told by others that I have a lot of talent for a promising writer. I've already accomplished my main goal and that was to touch someone's life with my own work and for them to like what I compose. A simple yet grand goal nonetheless.

I live in a little city in upstate NY called Plattsburgh. I am the mother of a wonderful little boy named Jace. He is an inspiration to better my life and the lives of those who surround me.

I spend most of my recreational time writing short stories and poetry mostly. I do have a few books in the making, yet I find it hard to concentrate on just one project. Therefore I have at least a dozen started stories I work on from time to time.

There are times when I'm stuck for an idea and I use creative writing prompts. A few pieces of my work has stemmed from those and I think that they flourish on their own as an individual piece.

I am currently putting together an anthology of my own novellas and short stories. New work that I post will potentially be used for my anthology. The stories included will be anything written in the horror genre.



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